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The 10 Audiobooks I STILL Can't Stop Talking About

Updated: Apr 6

I am definitely a big ol' Audiobook Lover, Y'all. I listen to them almost every day, and find them to be my go-to when I need a pick-me-up, whether it's my mood or my energy level. But there are some that I could listen to again and again, and never tire of the humor, the education, and the inspiration!

If I'm being honest, there are probably hundreds that I highly recommend for one reason or another, but for me, these 10 fall under the category of Life-Changing!

I assume you're already a current listener if you opted to read this post, but in the event that you aren't, or are newer to audiobooks, here are a few facts in support of adopting the habit:

  • Studies show that audiobooks absolutely stimulate the same cognitive and emotional regions of the brain as book reading! They can even improve memory!

  • Listening to someone read to you can press pause on anxiety-ridden or negative thoughts, and reduce stress. Even more so when the audiobooks contain humor!

  • They are better for your sleep than reading or watching a screen, and give you more control over your time, since you can listen while driving, working out, cleaning or possibly even working!

I would just like to add to all of that by saying this: Hearing an author read their own book to you is pretty magical. It can tend to feel a little more conversational, personal and comforting.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, my list of 10 "Must-Listens"...

  1. You Are A Badass - Written & Read by Jen Sincero Oh man, do I love this woman! So I discovered Jen shortly after listening to The Secret, which wasn't a bad book by any means, it just had a hard time landing with me. Cue the hilarious Sincero, who surely has benefitted from her Manifestation practices, but approaches the topic with such humor, wit, and... well, Badassery. Listen to laugh your butt off, but don't be surprised when it inspires you to go out and become a more awesome version of yourself!

  2. Greenlights - Written & Read by Matthew McConaughey This man is a complete and total LEGEND! McConaughey dubs his hysterically funny, inspirational and totally wild memoir a "Love Letter to Life," and that tracks. Chocked full of great life advice, in the form of "Bumper Stickers" and "Prescriptions," Greenlights is the work of a man who has lived fully, and he makes you want to do the same. Plus, it's Matthew McConaughey, man. Alright, Alright Alright...

  3. Big Magic - Written & Read by Elizabeth Gilbert Elizabeth's take on Creative Inspiration is so extraordinarily passionate, it completely lives up to the name of Big Magic. She's low-key funny, sure, but her charm is the way she playfully encourages you to embark on your own journey of creativity. If there is any part of you that still remains fearful of chasing a creative dream, you want to give this one a listen!

  4. You Are The One - Written & Read by Kute Blackson If you have never heard of Kute, I'm not surprised. I discovered him listening to a "Best Year of Your Life" Summit interview in early 2022. He has an unmatched intensity and enthusiasm while remaining completely genuine. This book is spiritual, but it's also a call to action. As the title implies, Blackson works to convince you that you are the hero of your own story, and that everything you are seeking already exists within you.

  5. The Gifts of Imperfection - Written & Read by Brene Brown I was assigned to read this book during my first Yoga Teacher Training, and t simply blew my mind wide open. This is definitely one of those audiobooks that feels a lot like having a conversation with a good friend; there's laughter, and sharing, and some tough love & life advice. Brene tells it like it is, and you are better for it. That I can say from experience.

  6. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind - Written & Read by Vishen Lakhiani If you are familiar with the world's most powerful life transformation platform, Mindvalley, then you likely know who Vishen Lakhiani is. But if not, now is as good a time as any to get to know this impressive and inspirational man. Vishen calls bullsh!t on societal rules, outdated generational belief systems and the hustle & grind mentality of current employment structures. He then goes on to outline his own 10 Unconventional Laws to help the listener flip the script and live an extraordinary life.

  7. High Five Habit - Written & Read by Mel Robbins I would just like to go ahead and say if you aren't following Mel on any social media, do yourself a favor and do that right now. She has a way of infusing all of her work with wisdom, humor, and heartfelt sincerity, but this one takes the cake, if you ask me. This book isn't merely intellectual entertainment, though. Mel invites you to be an active participant in this one, and the rewards of taking her up on her offer are far greater than you can imagine.

  8. Think Like a Monk - Written & Read by Jay Shetty Oh, and while we're on the subject of following inspirational people on social media, add Jay Shetty to that list, please. I absolutely adore this tale of a man who lived life in an Ashram, soaked up all of the wisdom of the Monks, and re-entered the general population to aid us in living a happier, more peaceful, and more meaningful life.

  9. Believe IT - Written & Read by Jamie Kern Lima I LOVE a good underdog story. Jamie's tale is unbelievably inspiring, touching, and empowering. This audiobook could very well make you laugh, cry, and stand up and cheer! I know I did all 3. It's another conversational-style gem, and the author even mentions that if you were together, she might even offer you a coffee mug of wine. That works, Jamie. That works just fine.

  10. 10% Happier - Written & Read by Dan Harris Last but absolutely not least, this book is actually responsible for changing the course of my life forever. My interest in meditation was originally piqued by this riotously funny and ridiculously raw Best-Seller. Harris intends to make meditation accessible to even the "fidgety skeptics" in this audiobook and if you aren't already an avid meditator, I strongly suspect you'll want to be after you hear his story. *Special bonus: There's even a guided meditation at the end!

And that's my Top 10 Can't-Shut-Up-About-Em Audiobooks. I would love to hear from y'all if you have read or listened to any of them and what you thought! Also, please throw any of your own suggestions down in the chat! Thanks for reading!

Big Love, Bright Light, and Purely Positive Vibes, Kris

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