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Don't Pass on Passion: Why You Should Start Following Your Heart To Improve Your Health

In 2012, "Don't Pass on Passion" was my slogan. Full disclosure: I was a Passion Parties Consultant. It was my job to empower (mostly) women to embrace all of who they were, and to reignite any lost passion. While it was mostly regarding sexuality, this idea holds. And I fully support having passion in your relationship, but when I say "Don't Pass on Passion" now, I mean so much more than that.

You may or may not have noticed a 2-month gap in my blog posts. This blog, meditation, coaching, and everything I'm working toward are passions of mine. I am on fire about cultivating and applying the skills to help others live their best lives. It gives me life!

But it's important to note that I am not singularly passionate about my career. In fact, my absence was due to a 47-Day Road Trip with my boyfriend where we got to engage with so many parts of life that we are passionate about. Sure, many of them are related to my (and now our) career pursuits...

We took new and exciting yoga classes in multiple states and meditated daily.

We attended a Growth Day seminar hosted by Brendon Burchard and a Sound Bath at the Integratron. But we also camped, hiked, kayaked, met new people, tried new cuisines, and visited several state and national parks. And while we were on this trip, so many of the people we met said that they "wished" they could do what we were doing. In fact, they lit up while thinking and talking about what that might be like.

And we said "Do It!"

Ok, I get that a 47-Day road trip may be an extreme example of following your passion. And I recognize that our lack of children and the flexibility within our careers allows us certain freedoms that not everyone has. But there is no one way to do this thing, friends.

Here's the beautiful thing about passion: It can be for or about anything that lights you up.

And also, I wasn't Lady Gaga-style "born this way."

I have consciously made a continuous effort to figure out what it is that "lights me up," and to do more of that. And I want to invite you to join me! I encourage you to reignite your passion for your life.

Now, if you're already maxed out on passion and are going full throttle in all areas of life, I'm not talking to you. You keep doing it! It's inspiring to others. And the world needs more of it!

My guess is, though, you decided to read this because that isn't the path you're currently on.

So please, allow me to make my case for why you should sit down, like right now, discover what you're truly passionate about, and take the steps to pursue your passion(s) as if your life depends on it.

But first, let's get on the same page with our definition of Passion. I'm talking about an "intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction" and "a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept." And maybe even a little "ardent affection: LOVE."

So back to why that's important for you and your health.

  1. Engaging in intellectual hobbies and passions can positively impact your brain health and overall mental well-being. Learning the language of the country you've always wanted to travel to, trying out a new game with your friends, or incorporating challenging puzzles into your day are all ways to help prevent memory loss and increase cognitive function.

  2. Pursuing hobbies or passions that promote relaxation can improve both your emotional and physical well-being. When you are engaged in enjoyable activities, your body releases serotonin & dopamine, and effectively blocks the release of cortisol, both of which lead to better digestion and sleep. And whether you're doing yoga, firing up the pottery kiln, or growing a beautiful garden, when you include friends or loved ones, you can add oxytocin to the list of feel-good hormones your passionate hobby increases.

  3. Taking up somatic hobbies or passionately pursuing physical challenges can positively influence all facets of well-being. Activities like hiking, kayaking and or pickleball improve balance, coordination and reaction time, all of which help to prevent injury and contribute to longevity. And again, these hobbies help to release your feel-good hormones and offer a social component.

  4. Committing to personal and professional areas of genuine interest can help to increase curiosity, creativity and confidence. The key here is to let your inner child weigh in on what passionate endeavors you decide to pursue. See if the goal can be tied to an emotion, rather than tangible results. For example, aiming to have more fun or joy while cycling rather than to meet a mileage goal. If it's passion driving you, it will never feel like a chore.

So, what inspires you? What lights you up? What gives you life? Ask yourself today.

There is no age, financial situation or familial obligation that can preclude you from finding something in your life you are truly passionate about. I like to think of passionately living as a practice; and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

If you aren't sure where to start, check out this post with a host of ideas for hobby selection.

And remember to have fun with it!

Big Love, Bright Light, and Purely Positive Vibes, Kris

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